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Easy drawing in PowerPoint

Ever wondered how to draw in PowerPoint? I mean, other than circles, squares, lines and cubes? If the answer is yes (but even if it’s no), then you’re in the right place!
At first glance, PowerPoint might look so limited for such a challenge, but dig deeper and you’ll find endless possibilities.
Of course it is no match with other graphics software – like Adobe Illustrator for instance – but if you’re not a graphic designer and you simply want to make you presentation (or e-learning) look more professional… then PowerPoint will do it pretty good.

Let’s start with some easy ways…

First thing you want to consider is that every shape, even the more complex one, can be broken down to simpler ones (some time you need to use your imagination, though).


  • A flower
  • A table
  • A chair
  • A screwdriver

Once you understand this, you can start creating more “complex” combinations by using the “Merge shapes” command.

There are five functions:

  1. Union
  2. Combine
  3. Fragment
  4. Intersect
  5. Subtract
Merge shapes tool PowerPoint

They’re names are quite intuitive, but let’s look at how they work in practice.


Now that you’ve understood this, let’s draw a hamburger!


It’s a peace of cake, don’t you think? You can download the PowerPoint file here.

Post your comments below if you have suggestions or to share your experience.

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