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Which superhero are you?


Are you strong as Superman? Compassionate as Wonder Woman? Fast as Flash? Resourceful as Batman? Which of these superheroes characters resembles you the most?

I bet you’ve always wondered, because… well who hasn’t?

Find out taking this personality quiz!

Which superhero are you

I’ve created this course to participate in the E-learning Heroes challenge #218. I’ve used Articulate 360 to develop the quiz and used variables to predict the results.

While I made this course for fun, it is not unheard of that employers give personality tests to their employees. But why so? Apparently though, as I read in this post, there are a number of reasons. They can be used to increase productivity or improve at team-work. Personality tests should be a fun experience for the employees and should be a chance for them to gain insights into their behaviour, learn about themselves in order to better communicate with others. 

In a recent article, Lundgren et al. (2017) studied why and how personality tests are used in the workplace. The study found out that these tests can be used in “team building and management development […], coaching and workplace training” (Lundgren et al., 2017). Personality tests should not, however, be used to assess employees. Rather, employees should perceive them as an opportunity to know more about themselves and change their behaviour in the workplace accordingly. As the authors of the study say: 

By receiving feedback on personality traits, preferences and likely behavior when acting within preference, the individual or team is reminded that behavior is changeable and through changes in behavior, personal development and growth can be achieved.

Lundgren et al. (2017)

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