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Storyboard pour les e-learnings


I developed this short module with a twofold objective. On the one side, to help learners understand what a storyboard is, the possible formats it can be created, and how to create one as part of an e-learning course design project. On the other hand, an e-book embedded and downloadable within the course, will give learners practical advice on creating a good storyboard.

The course is mainly aimed at newbies in the Instructional Design business (like I was when I first started this career). It was developed in French.

Have fun!

Follow the storyboarding course

I first created the storyboard for the course in written format. I then converted the e-book into a .EPUB format using the Calibre tool. The different files are available for you to download (in different formats) at the end of this post.

I developed the module with Articulate Rise (included in the Articulate 360 suite), and included the e-book in the course in downloadable format. All the images have been downloaded from Freepick and edited with either Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Sources, references and links

Other than speaking for my personal experience, all the references and resources that I used to create the project are listed here: 

External ressources used in the module

Downloadable ressources