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The real spaghetti alla carbonara


There are a lot of misconceptions around Italian recipes. For example, there is no such a thing as “Spaghetti Bolognese”… They don’t exist! Go to Bologna and ask for it…well, that is if you want to be given a (very) dirty look. Tagliatelle alla bolognese, this is THE thing, not spaghetti!!!

But this is not the worst I had to deal with… As an Italian that has been living abroad for many years now, I’ve been confronted with a very special crime against Italian cuisine. Multiple times… 

The crime in question (I could call it many names: capital sin, abomination, cruelty even…) is the way almost all foreigners prepare the (in)famous Spaghetti alla carbonara

I could go on for hours, but I am going to stop right here. I don’t want to spoiler this course I made, either. So please, go ahead and play with it…And more important…

Have fun!

The real spagherri alla carbonara

Like the demo project “La culture italienne, this course is imagined to be part of the activities organised by an Institute of Italian Culture abroad to promote Italian culture in the world. It is a “fun” way for people wishing to know more about Italian cuisine to learn more about one of the most famous (yet often mistaken) Italian dishes. 

This short project is developed following a classic behaviorist approach of successive reinforcements and immediate feedback. The learners know immediately (a sound informs them) if they made the right choice and can adjust accordingly. If you want to learn more on the Behaviorist theory of learning, you can read this blog post.

I’ve created this course to participate in the E-learning Heroes challenge #213. I’ve used Articulate 360 to develop the game and I’ve downloaded some pretty cool graphics from Freepick and a few sounds from Freesound and SmartsoundThis example was also featured in the E-learning Heroes Challenge recap.