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Easy Italian for lazy boyfriends


I am Italian, my boyfriend is French. I speak French, he doesn’t speak Italian. He claims he’s no good at learning languages. I think he’s just being lazy

I’ve started creating this course because I want to prove him wrong and, consequently, prove ME right (because this is what girlfriends do…)

Have fun!

Easy italian for lazy boyfriends

I developed this demo course for fun, but with the idea in mind that it could be used in a language course. The target audience are beginners learners that wish to acquire a basic Italian vocabulary. 

This short module is developed following a classic behaviorist approach of successive reinforcements and progressive “complexification” of the content delivered in small chunks (learn more on the Behaviorist theory of learning in this blog post). The lesson starts with numbers, it continues with body parts, and ends with kitchen items. For each exercise a visual feedback is given before the answer is submitted, therefore the learners can try the different options multiple times, until they have the right combinations. 

There is a single point of entry (a welcome page) that then branches the learning path according to the native language of the learner (English vs French). Since the learners are beginners, the instructions for the exercises are provided in either of these two languages (according to the original choice). 

I’ve used Articulate 360 to develop the course and I’ve downloaded some pretty cool graphics from Freepik.