I am co-founder of Meraky, a brand that produces unique pieces with artisanal techniques, using non-recyclable materials, such as coffee bags.
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How to recycle properly

Learn how to recycle properly! Recycling is one of the best ways for us to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. It involves turning used materials labeled as recyclable in their appropriate disposal containers. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste and the need for raw materials. A recyclable product is turned back into a raw form that can be used to create a new and different product.

There are a lot of misconceptions around what can be recycled and in which bin should we put, for example, our empty shampoo bottles. I think some clarifications may be needed. What we can recycle depends on the area where we leave, as not all materials may be recyclable everywhere. I based this course on the rules of the city of Geneva, where I leave. Do check your own municipality for the rules that applies in your area.

Recycling is a topic that I care about very much. If you didn’t know, I am also the co-founder of Meraky, a company that produces accessories out of recovered materials.

Have fun!

Recycle properly

I’ve created this course to participate in the E-learning Heros challenge #202. I’ve used Articulate 360 to develop the game and I’ve downloaded some pretty cool graphics from Freepick.com and a few sounds from Freesound.org.


November 28, 2018

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