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The real spaghetti alla carbonara

There are a lot of misconceptions around Italian recipes. For example, there is no such a thing as “Spaghetti Bolognese”… They don’t exist! Go to Bologna and ask for it…well, that is if you want to be given a (very) dirty look. Tagliatelle alla bolognese, this is THE thing, not spaghetti!!!

But this is not the worst I had to deal with… As an Italian that has been living abroad for many years now, I’ve been confronted with a very special crime against Italian cuisine. Multiple times. The crime in question (I could call it many names: capital sin, abomination, cruelty even…) is the way almost all foreigners prepare the (in)famous Spaghetti alla carbonara.

I could go on for hours, but I am going to stop right here. I don’t want to spoiler this course I made, either. So please, go ahead and play with it…And more important… Have fun!

The real spaghetti alla carbonara

I’ve created this course to participate in the E-learning Heros challenge #213. I’ve used Articulate 360 to develop the game and I’ve downloaded some pretty cool graphics from Freepick.com and a few sounds from Freesound.org and Smartsound.com.


December 5, 2018

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