I am co-founder of Meraky, a brand that produces unique pieces with artisanal techniques, using non-recyclable materials, such as coffee bags.
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Fun facts about kites

Fun facts about kites

DID YOU KNOW? It is thought that the first kites were made with leaves over 3000 years ago, 1000 years before paper was invented. The longest kite in the world is 1034 metres and the record for the highest single kite flown is 3801 metres. The fastest recorded speed of a kite is over 193 km/h and the record for the longest kite fly is 180 hours....

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Longest Italian word

The longest word in Italian is…

DID YOU KNOW? The longest word in Italian is "esofagodermatodigiunoplastica" (29 letters!), a complex reconstructive surgery after the removal of stomach and esophagus. A better-known (very long) word is "precipitevolissimevolmente", which means very fast, though it has “only” 26 letters. You want to learn more Italian words? Check this demo Italian course on my website, in the Portfolio page here!...

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Most lightning strikes survived

The odds of being struck by lightning

The odds of being struck by lightning are about one in 280,000,000. This number does not quite apply to Roy Sullivan, a United States park ranger in Virginia. Between 1942 and 1977, Sullivan was hit by lightning on 7 different occasions and survived all of them. For this reason, the Guinness World Records awarded him the title of "Most lightning strikes survived". In 1983, he committed suicide at the age of...

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Fun facts about rugby balls

The first rugby balls

The first rugby balls were made in the second half of the 19th century by a man named Richard Lindon out of pig's bladders covered in leather panels.

However the hand pump and valve had yet to be invented and Lindon wife had to blow up the balls by mouth. Eventually Mrs Lindon fell ill as a result of a diseased bladder, and passed away.


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